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Recipe Writing Standards

How to Write Recipes

By | Food Bloggers Toolbox | One Comment

Many food blogs are mostly recipe posts- and that’s why we love them. Recipes written by the cook, whether original or from another source and tweaked to perfection, are always more personal and, many times, just better. When writing your recipes down for other, it’s always a good idea to stick to what I like to call “Recipe Writing Standards”:

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Taking Awesome Food Pictures Using Stuff From Your Kitchen

By | Food Bloggers Toolbox, Food Photography | 3 Comments

There are many items you can find in the kitchen to enhance your food photography. Your light source can be the light shining through a window or the simple desk lamp discussed recently in General Tips for Home Food Photography. This time we will be reflecting light off our light source onto our food subject. For this, you can use a shiny cookie sheet.

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