5 Best Places for Food Bloggers to Get Free Stock Photos

Admit it: you don’t always have your camera with you. Or maybe your next food blog post is simply about a strawberry, and you don’t want to waste time photographing a strawberry. Free stock photography to the rescue! Here are our top five picks of free places online for stock food photos:


stock.xchng has been around for a while now, and they were recently acquired by Getty Images- which should tell you something about their fine archive of quality photos. In fact, the strawberry we’ve used in this post is from stock.xchng user levisz. You’ll need to sign up for a free account, and most photos require that you credit the original photographer.


morgueFile is fast becoming our favorite stock photo site- it’s fast, no nonsense, and has a good library of food photos. There’s no need to sign up to download photos, many of which are great quality and high resolution. Their free license policy is easy to understand as well.


For ease of use and a great library of free food photos, Stockvault is a winner and deserving of a bookmark by any food blogger. We also like the EXIF information they include for every photo.

Pixel Perfect Digital

Pixel Perfect Digital‘s selection of food photos is not very large at the moment, but we’re naming it one of our top picks because of the high quality of the images they do have. You can also sort through their photos by color, orientation, or keyword. View their food gallery directly.


But what if you just want to search multiple free stock photo sites, all at once? The answer is everystockphoto, which will search most of the sites we’ve listed here- and more- based on a keyword you type in. The search isn’t perfect (it returned a photo of Truman and Webb at NASA Headquarters when we searched for “banana”), but is quick and easy to use. Here’s a peek at their search results for the keyword “food”.

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